Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Fill Out a Scanned Form in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Today I needed to fill out a scanned form. While I discussed how to do this in previous versions of Acrobat and Reader, the process keeps changing every time Adobe overhauls the programs. This video demonstrates the process in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (which is free).

You'll never have to print and scan forms again!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Tips for Fixing Overset Text

For an experienced user, fixing overset text is so simple that we overlook it, but for a new user, overset text can be quite a conundrum. So I wanted to share with you several different ways to fix overset text.

I share how to fix overset text manually, semi-automatically, and full automatically, as well as dealing with and understanding overset text in table cells. I also share how to use Text Frame options to automatically reveal overset text.

Read the entire article at InDesign Secrets.
Overset Text
How to Fix Overset text Semi-automatically

Overset text in a sidebar
Overset text in table cells