Tuesday, November 9, 2021

My Family's Christmas Stocking Pattern

Using this design, I have been making Christmas stockings for my family since 2008. Though I am not the original author of this design, I am posting them here for posterity, because the original source no longer exists. These are the Christmas 2007 Motifs inspired by USPS stamps, designed by Nancy Stahl, and charted by a kind gentleman named Joey. 

You can find the notes about this pattern on Ravelry.

Here is how I use these motifs:

  1. Cast on 60 sts in contrast color. Work in contrast color (red, blue, brown, etc) flat in 1x1 rib for 8 rows.
  2. Switch to Stst. Work 3 rows white.
  3. Work the Name in fair isle (8 sts tall)
  4. Work three rows white.
  5. Work 8 rows contrast color. 
  6. Work your stamp pattern (bear, snowman, tree, or deer), leaving a few extra stitches of white on either side of the pattern. As you work the motif, decrease one stitch on either side every 10 rows, to give the stocking a little shaping.
  7. Work 3 rows StSt in white.
  8. Work 8 rows St St in contrast color.
  9. Divide stitches in half and work 8 rows white. The front heel gusset will need to be below the center of the motif.
  10. Work 8 rows in contrast color (still working in two sections (from half and back half)
  11. Work a heel flap and gusset in white.
  12. Join in the round and work 8 rows in White in StSt
  13. Work 8 rows Contrast color.
  14. Work 8 rows white
  15. Work 4 four CC and start doing your decreases on row 5. Decrease 4 sts every other row.
  16. Continue working 8 rows CC and 8 rows white until you reach 8 sts. Draw through the yarn through the last 8 sts.
  17. Sew up gusset.
  18. Add bells as desired.
  19. Make an i-Cord or braided loop hanger.