Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Quick! I need some 1950s style floor tiles in my design!

Sure, you could make a table, alternating the fill of every cell in every column and every row. Or you could draw a four black and white squares and then step and repeat the whole bunch. Or you could make a pattern in Illustrator. But why would want to do any of those things...when you could simply do this:

Thanks TeaCup PatternMaker. You're amazing! And so, for attending the InDesign Secrets Print and ePublishing Conference, I got another copy of the Pattern Pack. Jealous? You should be. 

Author edit: 9-19-14: Check out my latest article on the checkerboard pattern over it InDesign Secrets. I teach how to create tis handsome pattern using nested paragraph styles! Making a Checkerboard Pattern With Nested Styles

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