Thursday, January 11, 2018

How to Get Around the Slow-Moving Acrobat Tools Pane

If you're like me, you get frustrated by the slow-moving Acrobat DC tools pane. Since they redesigned the user interface for Acrobat DC, I can now customize the tools pane on the right. Below are my most commonly used tools.

If I need a tool that's not listed in the Tools pane, I can simply search for it. That's handy!

The right-hand pane is contextual, and will display options for whatever tool you have selected.

But what if I want to quickly go back to my comments list? If seems that I would have first have to click the big X in the top right hand corner so that I can display my list of tools again. But there is another way that will save you a click! When you have a tool selected, the top left corner of Acrobat will display the Tool Icon and tool name.

Click on that tool icon or name in the top left will display all the rest of your favorite tools. If the tool you're currently using is in your favorites, it will display the rest. 

If the tool you're using is not in your favorite, it will display ALL your favorites.

So there you go. Save yourself a click and start using the list of favorites in the top left corner of Acrobat.

Edit: 9-13-918
If you need a snappier program that gives you quicker access to your tools, check out my article on Bluebeam Revu. It's an amazing program designed specifically to meet the needs of users in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. The whole program is module based and has no lag time.

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