Sunday, April 27, 2014

Help! Where is the Marquee Zoom in Acrobat?

In older versions of Acrobat (version 9 and below), we used to be able to click on the handy marquee zoom tool in the toolbar. I think it may have even been up there by default.

Marquee Zoom docked into Toolbar in Acrobat 9

But like so many other tools, the marquee zoom get moved in Acrobat X and XI. My first thought was that it would be in the Tools pane. But nope!

So how about in the Tool Sets? Nope, not there either.

What about View > Tools? Again, no. That just displays the same list of tools as the Tools Pane.

I also thought "Create New Tool Set" might let me dock the marquee zoom, but once again, nope! 

The Tools in this list seem to be more of functions (things you want to accomplish) rather than tools as we designers would normally think of them. They are a duplicate of what tools are listed in the Tools pane.

What about View > Zoom? Well, that shows the tool I want, but I really don't want to have to navigate through the menus every time I need to use the marquee zoom. I'm really just looking for a way to get the marquee zoom docked into my toolbar.

Apparently, the marquee zoom did not get grouped with all the other tools. Rather, it is classified as a "Toolbar Item," whatever that means... And if you want to show it, you have to go digging through four levels of menus. Seriously? No wonder I couldn't find this for over two years.

I have to ask: wouldn't a Toolbar Item also be considered a tool? Apparently not in Acrobat... Nevertheless, I now have my precious and oft-used marquee zoom out in the open where I can actually get to it.

Marquee Zoom docked into Toolbar in Acrobat XI!