Monday, July 25, 2011

Windshield Repair Logo Turned Into a Custom Cake

 One of my friends is a pastry chef, and several times, she used my designs as a starting point for her amazing pastry creations.

Years ago, my husband and I started a mobile windshield repair business. Since I was a designer, together we designed the logo, web site, and all marketing collateral for our new business.

About a year ago, we sold our windshield repair business to our nephew, Trevor. Trevor recently had a birthday, and to celebrate, our-dear-friend-the-pastry-chef made Trevor-the-young-entrepreneur a very special birthday cake. As you can see, this is no ordinary birthday cake. Our pastry-chef-friend specializes in very fancy, completely custom cakes. Her cakes are not only totally amazing to look at, but without a doubt, the tastiest cakes I've ever eaten.

I'd like to point out a few things about this cake that make it so special. 
  1. The shape: it's shaped like a windshield (wide at the bottom, narrow at the top)
  2. The road: Not only did our-friend-the-pastry-chef manage to dye fondant completely black (which I'm guessing is tricky), she also made the road hang slightly off the left edge of the windshield, just like on the original logo. 
  3. The font: for the words, "OnCall," we used a font called Wild Ride. While my baker friend only had a limited character set to work with, I say she did a pretty amazing job of keeping true to the styling of the letters. Notice how the letter "a" is 2-story, and the lowercase "o" is elliptical, slightly off center, and thicker on one side.
  4. The windshield damage: Notice the large chip in the lower left hand corner of the windshield (passenger side). And in the top right hand side (driver side) of the windshield is a star break. And on both sides of the windshield are edge cracks. Here are the corresponding graphics from the OnCall web site.

We are so proud of our nephew Trevor, for taking over our business. If you are in the Portland area and need your windshield repaired, give him a call at 971-404-1247 or visit his website: He was trained by the best (my husband), and offers a lifetime guarantee on his work.

And we are equally proud of our dear friend Charlene, who, in my opinion, makes the best cakes in the world. She's just as good as the best bakers on the Food Network. Yo u can find more of her amazing cake designs on her Facebook page.

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